The RMSoftware Development Network

Our Purpose

The RMSoftware Development Network is a small organization specializing in software design, technology, and online media.

Terms of Service

Copyright Information

We try to respect all copyright material and do not intend to infringe on those rights. Any source material we use in software, media, and others, has been used with the appropriate permissions.

Software terms of service - Software License Agreements

Open Source Applications

All open source applications(including source code) are released under the GNU Public license agreement. This agreement will be distributed in all releases posted on this site starting April 24, 2013 8:30AM Eastern Daylight time. Any license agreement and documentation for the used libraries will be included in any release. Any developer tool that was used may be protected by national and international copyright law and all logos, trademarks, and other identification belongs to the respected owners of that tool.

Any software released under the GNU General public license, can be distributed as long as the original license file is distrbuted directly with the application being sent out. Please note that if you plan on redistrbuting the application, to give credit and that a link to the site is included along with the application & license.

If for some reason the software/source did not come with the GNU public license, please visit

Closed Source applications

All Closed source applications made after october 21, 2013 7:00AM Eastern Daylight time are released under the RMSoftware Developement License Agreement. There are three formats of this document included so far.